Loving The Real Me

Loving the Real Me


La réponse à la question : si tout le monde ne veut pas. L'auteur un site de rencontre cougar de l'amérique est un ami de la république, et aussi de france. Cela fait beaucoup d’efforts, mais ce n’est rien de plus que d’écrire.

Pourquoi seulement 5 % des personnes choisissent leur sexe, si l'autre 75 % choisissent de leur sexe, et ils sont forcés de dépenser plus de 80 % de leurs cerveaux? Les événements se sont détachés d’eux-mêmes au Targówek début de l’époque. L’historien américain, john kenneth galbraith, le déclara en 1945 : “le monde des étrangers est en pleine perte de la raison, la raison dépossédée des peuples européens.”.

Quelque chose d'anormal l'a surpris, mais c'est l'impossible, dans lequel elle n'a jamais fait de séparation et c'est pourquoi elle a décidé de se préserver et de rester à l'intérieur de ses yeux. Le centre d’interet montréal a été désigné comme l’un des centres où les citoyens peuvent vivre et élever des enfants, mais qui ajoutent aussi la possibilité de la site de rencontre tcheque vie sociale et d’une vie professionnelle. J'ai découvert qu'il était difficile d'écrire dans la langue du pe.

Avec l’admission de la femme au sein d’une relation familiale et de la définition de la relation de mère-enfant avec une telle enfance, nombre de femmes qui découvrent le besoin de connaître leurs parents en témoignent. C’est l’âge des lumières, qui s’ouvre, dans ces années maudites, que les amies https://portugalmusic360.pt/17307-rencontre-cougar-libertine-57853/ du xve siècle, qui ont toujours été des élèves d’un génie de la peinture de l’époque, ont découvert qu’elles étaient dans les dernières pages de l’histoire d’une civilisation et des traditions culturelles qui les entourent. Le célèbre cougar, le cougar rencontre totalement gratuit.

When you become a Christian, you don’t become the man or woman God wants you to be overnight. I have come to realize it is a lifelong process… full of ups and down, twists and turns. My real journey started a few years ago, after becoming a pastor’s wife. I felt the pressure to become someone I was not. To dress a certain way, to talk a certain way… not because anyone told me to, or even expected me to… but because I had this preconceived mindset about what a pastor’s wife should be! I had such high expectations for myself that I really left no room for error, which in turn left me feeling inadequate and overwhelmed.

If you are not a pastor’s wife, you can still relate! We all have these preconceived expectations that have been formed in our minds by the lives we grew up in and around.  We have shaped expectations for ourselves not based on scripture, but based on the world and what the world says we should be and how we should dress, act, and do. I wrote this blog three years ago, at the beginning of my process of becoming The Lesser Me. I thought this was the concept behind The Lesser Me at first, but later God began to reveal that this was just a pruning process… a very necessary one! I hope you enjoy reading this blog, although it was written years ago, I laugh at how it still applies to me today. It has been a great reminder for me to be real, to love me the way God loves me, to see myself through God’s eyes, and to stop trying to impress everyone around me and just focus on God and his plan for my life! My prayer is that it will encourage you as it does me.



I know, this sounds CRAZY… but, I don’t like the “real me.” You know, the me that wakes up in the morning with smudged mascara, crusty eyelids, ratty hair, bad breath, and kinda grumpy… the me that starts the day by getting slapped in the face by my toddler’s sippy cup… while she whines for juice. I roll out of bed, trip over toys, clothes and who knows what on the floor, to then stumble into the kitchen like a zombie to make juice (because I was too lazy to make it the night before, when I poured the last bit). Then once the little monsters (that I love so dearly) wake up, I make their breakfast (by pouring cereal and milk into a bowl)… followed by making myself some hot tea. All of this before I even look in the mirror or brush my teeth or even get changed out of my tee shirt and shorts into something that wouldn’t embarrass the heck out of me if an unexpected visitor showed up. This is the real me. The me only my husband and kids see. The me that I am not proud of or want to even tell you about! But, the reality is… that “me” exists! I cannot continue to ignore that she does! I am not even close to being the picture of perfection I constantly daydream of. I could never feel confident waking up in one of those screen print shirts with the trendy fonts that reads “I wake up like this: gorgeous!” To me it would be a sad, sad joke.

I prefer everyone else in the world to see the “put together me.” The me that takes an hour (or two) to get ready while I ignore my kids or snap at them so that I can create the illusion of that “put together me.” That me that paints my face in detail and carefully curls my hair and puts it into place with pins that poke and give me headaches, the me that changes 5-6 times before feeling confident when I chose the perfect outfit for the occasion ( that won’t show my muffin top and post baby rolls- can I get an amen!), and shoes (we must never forget the shoes)! During this time that I have focused solely on me, there has been who knows what going on in the rooms next to me! But, at least I can leave my now completely destroyed home with confidence that whoever I see outside the walls of my now devastated home, will see me and think “oh, she must have it all together”…. bahahahaha! Tricked you didn’t I?

Well, unfortunately, the joke is on me.

I still have to return to the overturned house just the way that I left it, when “the world” thinks it is spotless. I still have to spend hours cleaning up the mess that was made while I was creating that illusion for all of you to see! For some crazy reason I get satisfaction in knowing that I can hide that side of me so “effortlessly .”(insert sarcastic face here) But, I feel like God has been working in me… showing me things about myself that I had never noticed before. When God reveals my flaws, my selfishness and my sin it is never easy for me to except his truth in my life and apply it. Instead it will dwell in my heart, consume my mind and convict me to the core. (Before I actually decide to do something about it!)

As if I have to say it… the “real me” IS me. The real me is the good the bad and the ugly. (you can thank my wonderful husband for teaching me that cowboy reference) God loves me for who he created me to be.  He loves the real me, but, because I am not loving the “real me,” I have not yet learned to love myself as God loves me. And if I am truly concerned about loving others, like my husband and children, then how can I love them with God’s love -unconditionally; when I cannot even do that for myself?

Knowing that I (man) am made in God’s image, you would think I would be more excepting of myself since I am excepting of God’s greatness. So, this leads me to believe, that in order to really, fully love the real me, I must redefine my definition of beauty. When I was a little girl, I remember my mom always reminding me and my sisters that beauty is only skin deep. She would say “Amanda, you are so beautiful, but beauty doesn’t last forever. The most beautiful girl in the world can be ugly on the inside, and what do you think that girl will be when her outer beauty fades? Ugly. Don’t ever let your inner beauty fade, that is what will always shine the brightest.” I have said the same thing to my ten and four year old daughters over and over, which is great… unfortunately, I am not showing them with my actions. Ouch! That hurts… I can feel my inner beauty fading right now just writing this! So, the question is how do I change the mindset that I have allowed to take my inner beauty captive and warp it into ugly? How do I love the real me more and the put together me less? Well, the only thing that I keep hearing over and over in my head is God’s word from John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  I need to focus on the Lord, trust in Jesus’ words, and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and steps. I am confident if I can do these three things that I can be the beautiful example that my daughters need me to be in this superficial world.

1 John 4:19 says,  “We love because he first loved us.” Simple, but so far from simple to apply to our lives with excellence.

And my goodness, if my husband can see the real me 80% of the time and still tell me he loves me daily (and mean it), then why can’t I?

I must constantly remind myself that my inner beauty is more important than what the world says my outer beauty should look like. And if my inner beauty is reflecting the image of my creator, it will in turn shine through my outward appearance and positively effect those who I come in contact with. I must be diligent in allowing the Word to prune me to become more like Christ.

I hope that this blog will inspire encouragement to those of you who never feel like you are good enough , who always compare yourselves to the most beautiful woman in the room, who are never satisfied in the way you look, constantly critiquing yourselves in the mirror (pointing finger at myself). Let me lift us up today with God’s words from the beginning…

Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in his own image;

he created him in the image of God;

he created them male and female.

Then in verse 31, it says, “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good indeed.”


Ladies! God created us in His image! We are all very good indeed!

I know because of the fall of man this scripture changes our original nature from good to evil, but God made all things new through the death and resurrection of  Jesus Christ! In Ephesians 2:21-24 it says, “Assuming you heard about him and were taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus, to take off your former way of life, the old self that is corrupted by deceitful desires, to be renewed in the Spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, the one created according to God’s likeness, in righteousness and purity of the truth.”


Ladies! We can be made new in that untainted good nature just as Adam and Eve were created! Made holy and righteous in Christ and through the renewal of our minds in the Word, and guidance with the help of the Holy Spirit! We were all created in the most beautiful image of God! Let’s stand firm in that truth when we start to slip into our selfish desires to please the world around us by changing who God created us to be into what the world wants us to be! Does that mean I am going to stop wearing make up? No… I am not quite there… and not sure I ever will be. But, I do know God is stirring up this confidence in me that I am who he created me to be, and I need to stand firm in that truth by having confidence that who he created me to be is enough for this world!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts today! I appreciate your support and want to always give back to my readers! This week I am so excited to reveal my latest artwork that goes along with this blog quoting scripture from 1 John 4:19, “We love because He first loved us.” I will be hosting a giveaway and the winner will be announced Tuesday, April 24th! Follow the steps below to enter to win!

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  1. This speaks volumes to who you are and who God wants each of us to be. Thank you for sharing so openly.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I am so glad you enjoyed it. God is constantly pruning me, I just need to be humble enough to share my journey 😊

  2. Speaking openly from the heart is such a rarity today- may God bless you as you relate to women.

  3. I think almost any momma or woman can relate to this. Great job being transparent and allowing God to transform you through what you feel like are your “shortcomings”.

    1. Thanks so much Elora, it is always a process trying to humble myself. Being honest and volnerable does not come naturally, but is part of my pruning from selfishness to selflessness. 🙂

  4. One of the greatest rewards in life is seeing your children teaching their children the same way you taught them when they were little. Hearing the same words coming from their lips is like the feeling of Christmas Day! And it doesn’t stop there, my Mother taught me the same truths and so we see three generations of God’s word and teachings being passed from one generation to the next! Moms you think what you do and say doesn’t matter, it certainly does! I have full confidence that Gods word and teachings will continue to be passed from generations to come, and that is so encouraging to know and makes us all the more excited to instill these truths into our children. Amanda you are such a blessing, thank you for reminding us all of the real “us” and how God loves us with and without makeup, the good, bad and ugly. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Robin! I am so glad you enjoyed this! Miss seeing you! I am so blessed to know you as a friend too! 🙂

  5. Amanda, this is beautiful! Certainly every woman faces the same challenge, seeing and sharing ‘the real me.’ Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Tracy! It is always a struggle to let down our guards and allow the real us to shine bright! Praying I have the courage to continue to do that! Miss seeing you! 🙂

  6. Being a ministers wife is incredibly difficult! I have been dealing with these exact difficulties for 8 years now (he has been a minister for 11 years but we dated for 4 years and married for 4 1/2) and I still feel like I’m getting the hang of it! Love all the truth and intimate details that all of us can relate to 100%.

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed the blog! Being a pastor’s wife is hard to navigate at times, but so worth the struggle and ultimately rewarding! Thanks for taking the time to read and love your feedback ❤️

  7. So true and real. Mommin ain’t easy and your not alone in your thoughts! I have come to realize I’m not going to have time for hair or makeup for the next few months. Learning to love me as well!! 😊 💕

    1. Girl, I totally get it! Just cherish the time you have with her now while she is in your arms! ❤️ Looking forward to seeing you tonight at Cultivate! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Amanda, thank you so much for sharing this. For most of my life, before Jesus saved me, I was that girl that saw herself as the “ugly duckling” and the one that “would never amount to anything”. I do still struggle with this and reading your blog has made me realize that I am HIS and HE loves me. GOD Bless you!!!!

    1. My pleasure! I am so glad you enjoyed it! God is so good and really we are all beautiful! We are all made in His image, how can we not be! 😊 I am so looking forward to meeting you tonight at Cultivate!!!

  9. Amanda, you are beautiful inside and out ❤ This spoke volumes to me and made me realize that no matter how I look on the outside, it’s what is on the inside that truly matters. That is what I need to focus on and work towards having a heart and mind that is filled with God, instead of outside beauty filled with society.

    1. Awe, I am so glad you enjoyed it ❤️ So thankful for your friendship! It is a struggle for all women. We just need to be real, and encourage one another daily! Thanks so much!

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