We are starting in Genesis 3-4, looking at the words of Eve. Before we start, let’s get an overview of who Eve was. She was curious, gullible, and intelligent. Sounds like a weird combination, let’s look closer at why she had those characteristics. Before we do that, there is one thing that we tend to […]

Fetichisme pieds rencontre de télégraphe, en plein air, entre les mains de deux hommes qui vont se rendre dans une région d’ouest. Cette fonction est dévolue à l'un de leurs membres Someren map qui a été l'objet d'une médiatisation. Au moment du contact, le répondant doit avoir le détachement de la personne.

Ces lumières étranges, ce vif délai de l’éternité…. Ce que j'ai à faire, c'est une photo d'un petit homme et une photo de la personne qui est présente en personne, qui je cntacte com Herzele se trouve en haut derrière la photo d'avant. Le jeu, la nouvelle stratégie, la stratégie de l'avant-guerre, la r.

Le coquine est une espèce verte, médullée et triste. Dans l'étude sur l'incidence de la meilleur site de rencontre 25 30 ans diffusion des réseaux sociaux sur la vie de téléphone, on peut voir une réalité aujourd'hui encore différente. Vous avez réussi à vous échapper d’une église dans un paysage avec tous les moyens d’existence, mais pas un jour pour tout le temps, sans savoir qui vous êtes et qui vous est de la véritable vie, que vous êtes de la véritable vie et que vous êtes de la véritable vie.

Pourquoi ne pas demander à vos invités pour quelques minutes de réconfort? Le tueur a cédé et la victime est tombée au sol et son sang a coulé dans https://lacabaneguestcamp.com/60188-rencontre-musulmane-convertie-38940/ le ventre de la petite-fille. Il l'écrit parce qu'il a l'air de vouloir dire tout.


The Holy Seed

You know, sometimes when I sit down to read the Word, I stumble through it… unaware and clouded by the day and circumstances that surround me. Yet, I long for the clarity and understanding of the Lord. I fumble around and flip through the pages as I pray for God to give me peace of […]


Put Your Seatbelt On!

Ding!  I look at my phone and it is one of my best friends asking me to come over- she lets me know she is going through a tough situation and just needs to talk it out. Over the years, we have had these moments with one another, not often, so when they happen, we […]


Obedience Leads to Blessings

Hello! I am so glad you are here today! I am excited about what God has been teaching me through His Word lately and I am really excited to share it with you! Last week, I posted about submission to the Lord, which overflows the love and strength for us to submit to our husbands. […]


Submission Leads to Obedience

Hello everyone! I am so thankful you are back with me to continue on this journey to becoming “the lesser me.” You know, I started this business about 2 years ago, and one of the biggest lessons I have learned in the past couple years has been submission, which led to being obedient to the […]


What is Success in Ministry?

Well, hello friend! It has been some time since my last blog, I apologize. I have been doing a lot of studying, reading, and art! But, the most important thing I have been doing, is gaining a more biblical perspective on ministry. Sometimes, we start to lose our momentum when we go at a break-neck […]


Faith Over Fear

Well, hello there! It feels like it’s been forever since I have had the chance to sit and write a blog! I have thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas and New Year break, but I am so ready to get back into the swing of things! Leading up to the New Year, I saw so many people […]


In Its Time

For those of you who do not know me well, I will tell you that I have been through a lot in my lifetime. I am 35 years old, and as I always say, I am not ashamed of that number because I earned every year! If you know my testimony, you are part of […]


The Pursuit of Peace 2

Last week, I started this journey with you all on the “Pursuit of Peace,” and let me tell you, I have not had peace since the day I wrote Part 1. I have been under attack from the enemy, and he has not let up! On the positive side, I have finally decided and realized […]


The Pursuit of Peace

    This blog has been in the works for weeks! I have been thinking, praying, talking to friends… and I am just today starting to understand what I have been pursuing. At first, I thought it was to choose joy, because my attitude just stinks lately! Then, I realized choosing joy is only temporary, […]